Share It Saturday: The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor

This weekend I'm sharing a baby product I WISH existed when my son was a baby. It would have saved me a lot of trips in and out of his sleep space to check on him. I mean... new babies can make you feel a little neurotic with making sure they are safe and sound. After all, you did just suddenly find yourself caring for a tiny human with just about zero instructions.


For this reason, I'm sharing the Owlet Smart Sock ( for the first round of #ShareItSaturday. This sock fits babies up to 18 months and has an accompanying app for your smartphone that allows you to check on your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. And if their levels drop while sleeping, it sends an alarm alert to your phone so you can rush and take appropriate action.


While I've never used or seen one of these in action, I've read a TON of reviews and they really seem quite amazing. It seems like an Owlet would really provide a lot of peace of mind that many parents crave so deeply.


Anyone have one of hear or seen them in action with a friend's baby? What is the consensus?

 (Original image courtesy of

 (Original image courtesy of