Adoption Is Expensive But...

One of the biggest barriers for most people to adoption is, without a doubt, the idea of the cost. Adoption is not cheap my friends... but I'd argue that it is some of the best money you will ever spend. The average cost of a domestic adoption through an agency from families surveyed in 2012-2013 by "Adoptive Families Magazine," was $39.996 when agency fees, legal fees, and everything was said and done for their adoption.


While that is a significant chunk of change and there's no way around the shock of that price tag, I'd argue that cost need not be a barrier. Cost needs to be a planning factor but not a barrier. Adoption tax credits are currently available to tax-payers as well once your adoption is finalized. These tax credits can be applied to all your adoption expenses (including hiring an adoption doula) and can fill over for up to three years while you claim them all! I am not tax professional but this is a great way to recoup some of that cash and makes adoption much more budget-friendly longterm.


Finally, please don't ignore adoption grants and fundraisers! There are TONS of adoption grants available. Many require you to have a home study before applying by this is a great option. (This is something I can help you plan for as your doula!) Additionally, there are MANY amazing adoption fundraising ideas! Traditional fundraisers like t-shirts, puzzle pieces, the ever-popular gofundme pages, and even envelopes are a great option. With the boom of the side hustle, many direct sales companies are offering fundraisers and these would be a fun and easy way to support friends while also raising money for your adoption.


Some independent sales representatives that offer fundraisers are...




Usborne Books


Lilla Rose



It Works

Barefoot Books

Lia Sophia

Thirty One


I also found this fun take on the traditional "envelope" fundraiser kind of fun! Christmas in July, anyone?